I am excited to share some tips for how acupuncture can inspire us to embrace living a more

healthy, relaxed, and fulfilled life. We can practice feeling better through focused intention on

doing and being what helps us to feel and be our best selves.

Here are 5 specific ways that acupuncture can change your life:

1. Relieve stress

By calming your nervous system down, acupuncture will help you feel less affected by and

better equipped to manage the stressful everyday aspects of life. Feeling calm, centered, and

relaxed is a gift we give to ourselves. It allows us to feel more present, grateful, and available to

embrace our lives, as well as those around us.

2. Give you more energy

It is common to find yourself in a deeply relaxed, mellow state that lasts well beyond the

acupuncture session. You feel as if your whole system just go a tune-up. Now your body can do

more of what it naturally knows how to do: Working as a whole system to function more

effectively. This often allows for an increase in your overall energy level, a feeling of openness,

hopefulness, and inspiration.

3. Clear your head

Along with a burst of physical energy that emerges from receiving acupuncture, many notice

improved mental clarity. You get out of your own way and can see clearly what you are ready to

take care of, and what you are willing to let go of. A clear mental perspective allows for more

easily determining decisive action and creating a deeper sense of confidence in yourself.

4. Help you embrace change

Acupuncture teaches us to reflect on the small changes happening within and around us all of

the time. Unwillingness to accept change is a huge source of stress and anxiety for many

people. Through reframing change as a marker of progress rather than something to be scared

of, we learn the art of letting go and going with it, rather than against it. So, let’s let go!

5. Believe in yourself

We are complete and whole within ourselves. We have everything we need within us to be well.

Acupuncture prompts the body to do what it already knows how to do. It reminds you that you

have the power to heal yourself. That is so great, isn’t it? Through using therapy like

acupuncture, which embraces rather than ignores our innate healing capacity, you are making a

statement that you believe in yourself.